Deluxe-class properties for work and life*

8 townhouses in the center of Moscow

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3 townhouses are available for purchase
the price is valid until 31.05.2022:

Townhouse area: 243,4 – 385,9 м2
Price for 1 м2 from: 819,4 thousand rubles
Object cost from: 215,2 million rubles

A modern concept in a classical design

Townhouses “8 Yards” combine format in an original way a premium office and deluxe townhouse is the best place for those looking to find a balance between work and life.

Status location

Khamovniki is a signature area in Moscow that witnessed the life of the noble families of Naryshkin, Volkonskiy, Griboedov, Tolstoy, Gertzen and Trubetskoy...
Helicopter Areas

Inspirational English architecture

«While working on the 8 Yards architectural concept, we set ourselves the task of creating a new landmark of Moscow, which, on the one hand, would be organic to the existing architectural landscape, and on the other hand, would be consonant with the aesthetic ideas of people who are familiar with the best examples of European architecture. We are inspired by the legendary residence of the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. Solidity, consistency, respectability and reliability - an exceptional style and nothing more».

Impressive details

Wood burning fireplace
A real wood-fired fireplace is an architectural element that unites, warms and is guaranteed to surprise in the city center.

Impressive details

Private patio for outdoor seating
The private patio will be the place where history is made. Planting a tree with your son, dressing up a tree, distracting yourself from worries with reading and a cup of coffee, or holding a business meeting - choose what will suit you.

Impressive details

Personal elevator
Each property has a personal elevator with an impeccable reputation from the Italian company IGV with panoramic windows and a capacity of up to 5 people. Quiet, fast and reliable. A wide selection of departments will emphasize your individuality and allow you to create an exclusive style.

Impressive details

Spacious terrace
Each townhouse has its own spacious terrace with access to the 3rd floor. A private outlet to the sun and the stars expands your personal space to infinity.

Impressive details

English garden
Nothing shifts consciousness, unhurried contemplation of the garden. After all, a good garden is not a collection of plants, it is a combination of emotions, pleasant aromas, special sensations and warm memories.


Due date
III qt. 2022

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for 20 cars

For the car, we have made a warm, light and spacious paring with daylight, as well as an individual entrance ĸ a personal elevator through the basement. The paring is certified as an engineering structure, which provides enough space for a comfortable ride and steam for all classes of cars: from a sports car with a minimum clearance to a representative one with an extra-large cornering angle. There are state-of-the-art charges for electric vehicles for every possession.

The service that decides

We take care of all the worries. Monitor the health of systems and communications, cleanliness and beauty.. We will ensure the safety of you and your family, thanks to modern security systems. Garden maintenance, lawn mowing and tree planting are all part of our service for you. We will also take care of your staff: the driver can have a cup of coffee in the Lounge, and the courier can leave a message for you at the Concierge.

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